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Dr Kobi Leins - Publications - Image by Jeremy Bishop
Dr Kobi Leins - Publications


Trump, nipples and the Hypocrisy of the Social Media Giants

Gabby Bush, Mariam Nadeem, Marc Cheong, Kobi Leins and Simon Coghlan
27 January 2021

Southeast Asia and the Politics of Artificial Intelligence

Kobi Leins & Lesley Seebeck
December 2020

A Little Bird Didn’t Tell Me

Kobi Leins & Marc Cheong
17 July 2020

The Twitter hack targeted the rich and famous. But we all lose if trusted accounts can be hijacked

Kobi Leins
16 July 2020

When Tools for a Health Emergency Become Tools of Oppression

Gabby Bush & Kobi Leins
9 June 2020

‘Not bot, not beast’: Scientists create first ever living, programmable organism

Simon Coghlan & Kobi Leins

Do We Really Need a Tracking App and Can We Trust It?

Kobi Leins, Simon Coghlan, Marc Cheong
24 April 2020

Disarmament: What is it Good For?

Kobi Leins
22 March 2020

AI: It’s Time For the Law To Respond

Kobi Leins
17 February 2020

AI for Better or for Worse, or AI At All?

Kobi Leins