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Dr Kobi Leins - Publications - Image by Jeremy Bishop
Dr Kobi Leins - Publications


Technology-facilitated Abuse in Relationships

Dr Renee Fiolet, Dr Cynthia Brown, Dr Dana McKay and Associate Professor Bridget Harris. Contributor: Kobi Leins
29 March 2023

Data Science and Analytics Strategy - An Emergent Design Approach

Kailash Awati, Alexander Scriven. Contributor: Kobi Leins

Who Decides Who Decides What Conversations Are Allowed About Artificial Intelligence?

Anja Kaspersen & Kobi Leins
18 August 2022

Spur der Trümmer im Nanobits-Krieg [German]

Kobi Leins
6 July 2022

Deus ex machina or Diabolus ex machina?

Anja Kaspersen & Kobi Leins
15 June 2022

Werden selbstreplizierende Xenobots unsere Erde in grauen Glibber verwandeln? [German]

Simon Coghlan & Kobi Leins
31 March 2022

Trump, nipples and the Hypocrisy of the Social Media Giants

Gabby Bush, Mariam Nadeem, Marc Cheong, Kobi Leins and Simon Coghlan
27 January 2021

Southeast Asia and the Politics of Artificial Intelligence

Kobi Leins & Lesley Seebeck
December 2020

A Little Bird Didn’t Tell Me

Kobi Leins & Marc Cheong
17 July 2020

The Twitter hack targeted the rich and famous. But we all lose if trusted accounts can be hijacked

Kobi Leins
16 July 2020