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Dr Kobi Leins - Publications - Image by Jeremy Bishop
Dr Kobi Leins - Publications

Technology-facilitated Abuse in Relationships

29 March 2023
Authors: Dr Renee Fiolet, Dr Cynthia Brown, Dr Dana McKay and Associate Professor Bridget Harris. Contributor: Kobi Leins
The University of Melbourne

Technology facilitated abuse is a form of controlling behaviour that involves the use of technology as a means to coerce, stalk or harass another person.

Technology-facilitated Abuse in Relationships (TAR) is a widespread social problem that has a significant impact on victim-survivors. Most contemporary evidence on TAR focuses on victim-survivor and practitioner perspectives rather than perpetrators motivations for choosing this form of abuse.

This study aimed to explore perpetrators’ discourses on emotions and motivations associated with engaging in TAR. Using story-completion method, 35 self-identified perpetrators of TAR completed story stems describing scenarios that may precede the use of abusive online behaviours.

The report includes policy, practice and research recommendations.

This project was supported by Melbourne Social Equity Institute's 2020 Seed Funding Round.