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Dr Kobi Leins - Publications - Image by Jeremy Bishop
Dr Kobi Leins - Publications


February 2024 E-News Archive - Standards Australia

Kobi Leins
22 February 2024

M. Steen, Ethics for People who Work in Tech

Kobi Leins
20 December 2023

Artificial intelligence: rewards, risks and regulation

Kobi Leins
21 August 2023

2023 DoD Manual Revision - To Shoot, or Not to Shoot . . . Automation and the Presumption of Civilian Status

Kobi Leins, Helen Durham
28 August 2023

The Era of Global Risk: An Introduction to Existential Risk Studies

Kelsey Lane Warmbrod, Kobi Leins, Nancy Connell
23 August 2023

To chat or bot to chat: Ethical issues with using chatbots in mental health

Simon Coghlan, Kobi Leins, Susie Sheldrick, Marc Cheong, Piers Gooding, Simon D'Alfonso
22 June 2023

Are We Automating the Banality and Radicality of Evil?

Anja Kaspersen, Kobi Leins, Wendell Wallach
5 June 2023

Life, Love & Lethality: History and Delegating Death on the Battlefield

Helen Durham, Kobi Leins
May 2023

To Chat, or Bot to Chat, Just the First Question: Potential legal and ethical issues arising from a chatbot case study

Kobi Leins, Mark Cheong, Simon Coghlan, Simon D'Alfonso, Piers Gooding, Reeva Lederman, Jeannie Paterson
October 2020

Who Decides Who Decides What Conversations Are Allowed About Artificial Intelligence? (AQ 94.2)

Anja Kaspersen, Kobi Leins
Apr - June 2023