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Dr Kobi Leins - Presentations - Image by Davide Garusa
Dr Kobi Leins - Presentations


Digital Black Mirror: A Governance Provocation

Digital Health Week
11 February 2021

Let Forth the Dogs (Drones) of War: A Call to Engage with Responsible Development of Technology

IEEE ISTAS Public Interest Technology
16 November 2020

Privacy and Consent: Techno-legal Solutions?

Consent and Consumer Manipulation: Principles and Rules for a Fairer Platform Economy, ANU and University of Melbourne
16 September 2020

TechFutures 2040: Future projections by Australia’s leading technologists

AUSCL Australian Society for Computers and Law +AIIA Australian Information Industry Association
15 September 2020 (300 plus attendees)

Material Creation, Simon Coghlan & Kobi Leins

Melbourne Connect
3 September 2020

Moderator, Nanobiotechnology Applications for Delivery

United Nations Institute for Disarmament Innovations Dialogue
21 August 2020

Responsible AI: What are countries and companies doing?

Australian Society for Computers and Law
18 August 2020

When Art and Technology Collide

Melbourne University Alumni
13 August 2020

Black Box and Explainability

Automated Workshop Government Workshop
19 June 2020

Who Oversees the Government: Modernising Regulation and Review of Australian Automated Administrative Decision Making

Privacy and Pandemics Workshop
15 June 2020