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Dr Kobi Leins - Media - Image by Mike
Dr Kobi Leins - Media


Should we be worried about Autonomous Weapons Systems?

5 May 2024

Technology and Security (TS) podcast | Nanomaterials, international standards, AI and data ethics with Dr Kobi Leins

19 October 2023

A Renewed Responsible AI Focus

20 Dec 2022

AI for Information Accessibility: AI, Law, & Social Justice, with Judge Isabela Ferrari & Dr. Kobi Leins

1 Nov 2022

New War Technologies & International Law: The Legal Limits to Weaponizing Nanomaterials, with Kobi Leins

25 May 2022

AI & Equality Initiative: Algorithmic Bias & the Ethical Implications

21 December 2020

Commentator on Draft Legislation proposing that Google and Facebook pay for media content

2 September 2020

‘No one is safe’: Twitter hack raises fears of global security crisis

18 July 2020

The Link Between Cybersecurity and our Economy

17 July 2020

Twitter Hack Exposes Platform’s ‘Role-Based Access Control’ Vulnerabilities

17 July 2020